Cadie gave birth to 12 beautiful pups beginning 4PM on March 21st. With all those pups on board, it took into the wee hours of the next morning before she was done. All birth weights were mostly 10-12 ounces with a couple 9.x, a 13, and a 15 ouncer. She gave a nice even split of 6 boys and 6 girls, 6 blacks and 6 browns, 6 wavies and 6 curlies. All the boys are curlies and the colors mix is 4 brown girls and 2 brown boys. All the pups have a white spot on their chests of varying size and some have white on their toes.All pups are nursing well, coats are shiny, tummies are round, and seem quite content. Cadie is being a very attentive mom and seemed quite a natural and the whelping process. We’ll continue to keep a close watch on mom and pups over the next several days to make sure they continue to eat, sleep, and those other things pups do!