All the watches celebrated their 10 weeks birthdays this past weekend. Each pup getting busy settling into their new homes and families. It’s been great to hear such good reports from everyone and see pictures and video of the pups in their new homes.

Everyone has their formal AKC names and are enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having these last couple of weeks. Spring will be here soon… I know it will….followed shortly by summer. I can just tell these guys are going to have a ton of fun this summer. They will be a perfect age to enjoy it to the fullest.

Cutter has settled back into her normal routine and is enjoying playing with her housemate Coastie. Back to ball chasing and being spoiled.

The watches in their new environs—
Diesel – Stowaway Time to Gyb “Vasco”
Seiko – Stowaway Zues’ Thunder “Zues”
Fendi – Stowaway Time and Time Again Leonardo “Leo”
Minerva – Stowaway Storytime “Fable”
Swatch – Stowaway World According to Harvey”Harvey”
TAG – Stowaway TAG You’re It “Tag”
Omega – Stowaway As Time Goes By “Jiffy”