Handsome Eli

Ch Downeast Twicknham First Mate “Rugby”

Rugby was a black & white wavy (about 21” and weighed 55lb). He was born in Maine and lived for a few years with a family in AZ. Rugby actually lived with me a few months during his life, before going to live out his life with a couple nearby me in Seattle. Rugby enjoyed life in Seattle with his housemate toy dog. He was a happy and active dog taking frequent romps on the trails near Lake Washington. Rugby lived with this couple until his death at age 11 ½.

Rugby was a handsome guy with beautiful carriage. His coat was easy to maintain. Rugby has produced some wonderful pups with happy attitudes and personalities.


Stowaway Oh MerSea MerSea Me RN “MerSea”

MerSea is a sound, healthy girl with incredible intelligence and athletic ability. She is a happy girl and loves to work in Rally Obedience and has her AKC Rally Novice title. She definitely possesses her mother’s love for the water as she is always in the pool! She is a black wavy and is 21” tall and weighs 55 pounds.

MerSea dipped her toes in the show ring summer of 2018 and quickly garnered a points towards her championship. She’d much prefer her Rally classes to the hub-bub of the show circuit, so we’re taking a break from conformation to focus on performance training and puppies.

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The Stowaway Puppy Scrum Litter arrived December 24, 2020

The litter of 8 that are all wavy. 6 girls and 2 boys black, brown, Irish marked, and parti markings.

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