Sam made his way to his new home last night by the great doggie underground railroad. Auntie Martha and Maggie picked him up on their way down to Portland. The news of their impending arrival came quickly and the poor little guy didn’t even get a chance to say proper good-byes to his first family! (Oh well, it’s not like he won’t ever see them again 😉

Some hours later Sam, now known as Talent (Stowaway This Could be Magic), arrived at his new home and be reunited with his new human, Jessie. After a meet and greet with his new housemates Torrie and Rebel, a potty break in his new yard, and (finally) some dinner, Talent loaded up in his crate for a restful night’s sleep. I sure to miss that peaceful night’s sleep about him….his sister Caper still seems to struggle a bit with that 😉

Talent ventures out to his first puppy kindergarten class this week…what a busy little guy.