Sisters and secrets…it starts so early! Care to imagine what secrets are being shared between Flo and Buckets? I’m sure they are caniving to get a leg up on their brothers at the milk bar!

Pups are now 11 days old, which means the next milestone is to begin to see their eyes open to a whole new world. Somewhere between 10 and 18 days their eyes, which have been sealed shut, begin to open. First you see a tiny slit and then each day the slit widens until completely open. At first their vision remains limited and after two weeks they can follow a moving object. Their ears are fused shut from birth as well and follow a similar schedule for ‘opening’ as the eyes. Their hearing is excellent as soon as their ears open! This makes for a noisy greeting once they begin to associate sounds of their approaching mom (canine and human versions)!

At the moment the pups are growing by leaps and bounds as Cadie is taking great care of them. They form little huddles after the push away from the milk bar and have nice long naps twitching away as any good puppy should do.