Puppies turn seven weeks old this week and had lots to do. They had more fun than should be allowed getting to test out the BIG dog tippy board! They were absolutely fearless and totally loved the ride. They ran and romped and dived under and over. Have no fear when you see that little guy dive under at the end of the video….he wiggled right out and went at it again. What fun to watch this fun loving bunch of pups!

This week they also went on a couple more car trips….to a photo shoot to experience a new place and a plethora of new things. They were such troopers and had a blast. They also made a trip to see their wonderful veterinarian and his staff at Clearview Animal Hospital. Clean bills of health for all! Microchipped and then the afternoon entailed taking their temperament tests. Everyone did  great…it’s quite a rambunctious bunch…no surprise there!