What a great summer it has been here in the PNW. Plenty of sunshine and sometime a bit too much heat. Cadie got a chance to get back to agility trialing for a weekend and had a blast. We had some really great runs and managed a Q. Crazy to think it has been 2 years since we’ve competed!
Caper and Booty have been having fun blasting in and out of the ‘kiddie pool’ in the yard. We are all looking forward to this fall/winter agilitiy trials and a sabbatical from ‘pageant walking’ competitions! Before Booty got a ‘big’ haircut, we managed to get in a photo session with Aunt Nancy. That Boo dog cleans up quite nicely, doesn’t she?
Sounds like Coastie and Grasa have been enjoying the summer and having fun getting wet. Coastie is getting his sea-legs with his kayak and Grasa LOVES her new retrieving dummy. She is quite smug that she can load herself back into the boat via the ladder all by herself!

Thanks for the photo updates from Talent, Moses, Trixie, Coastie, Sailor, and Grasa. I’ve added them to the albums via the link on the right-hand side of this page.