Whew! TGIF as it has been a very busy week here. Pups had their temperament tests Wednesday evening and sailed right through just as expected. They are a very active bunch and quite social! Thanks to all those who came for visits and helped contribute to their stellar personalities.

Puppy Break Out!
They continue to explore outoors and enjoy time on the deck when the weather is less than ideal. I came home from an outing the other afternoon to discover there had been a breakout of their puppy pen in the kitchen! How surprised I was to find four little devils running around the house – LOL! Gone are the days when they struggled to manage the stairs….

Structural evaluations this weekend. Eye exams on Monday. Well-puppy exams and first vaccinations on Wednesday. Busy busy busy.

 Here are a couple of cute pix from the pen…Baby Seacret is enjoying checking them out when they are sleeping in
their pen.