Ch. Stowaway Storytime


Fable is one of the Chronos x Cutter puppies born December 20, 2014. She is a sweet and joyful girl who has grown up to be a wonderful girl. Fable approaches life with vigor and sees everyone as her long lost friend. Aunties (Booty and Sea-cret) have fun with her and have done a great job of teaching baby Fable the ropes.

Fable entered the show ring November of 2016 and quickly garnered a 5-point major as her first set of championship points. In January she hit the show circuit again and got her second major. With those two big wins under her belt, she took some time off in the nursery. Fable was bred to Ch. Downeast Kwik Hide Your Heart – “Eli” with pups born April 5, 2017. She got back in the show ring in August and got 3 more points her first weekend back. Next was her first showing at the PWDCA National specialty where she won a very competitive Bred-by-Exhibitor class of 17 beautiful bitches. In November of 2017 she was awarded two more major point wins to finish her AKC championship with 4 majors! Fable headed back to the nursery spring of 2018 to make some more beautiful babies! She was bred to CH, U-CD Watermark Below Deck CD, RA, OA, NAJ, WWD, GROM, CGC – “Dexter” with pups born April 2, 2018.

  • Born: December 20, 2014

  • Black Wavy – 20 inches at the withers

  • Full of energy and swims like a Fish!

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Stowaway Oh MerSea MerSea Me


MerSea is a daughter of Fable, joining the crew as one of the Eli x Fable pups. She takes after her mom in her joyfulness and total love of the water. She is having fun training for Rally competition…which she much prefers to conformation shows! Summertime she can be found lapping the pool over and over again…any pool she can get access to!

MerSea is taking some time off from dog shows and training for maternity leave.  MerSea puppies due February 10, 2020.

  • Born: April 5, 2017

  • Black Wavy – 19 inches at the withers

  • Loves the water…swims like a fish!

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Ch. Stowaway Let’s Get Shipfaced


TipSea is one of the Dexter x Fable puppies born April 2, 2018. She has yet to meet a stranger and is full of energy and joy. TipSea loves learning….I think mainly because she loves attention and being the CENTER of attention. Much like her dad, CH, U-CD Watermark Below Deck CD, RA, OA, NAJ, WWD, GROM, CGC – “Dexter” .

Looking forward to watching this little one grow and holding on to the seat of my pants to try and keep up with her!

  • Born: April 2, 2018

  • Black Wavy – expected to be 19 inches at the withers

  • What wonderful joy of life!

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