Boy has time flown since my last post! The pups had a very busy week last week starting out with their well puppy check at Dr. Black’s clinic. They got a chance to run amuck around our feet while Dr. Black gave each one the once over. Listening to their hearts and lungs, looking in their ears, etc. winding up with their first vaccination. They had a great time shredding the newspaper the staff provided for their ‘entertainment’! Then one by one proceded to pass out on the floor of the exam room. Not a bit bothered by their first visit to the veterinarian I’d say!

Next on their busy schedule was a venture into the barn, followed by each one going solo into the big training building to meet with their puppy temperament tester, Nancy. They all were very brave venturing into a strange place alone to meet Nancy and have her put them through their paces of their first big test. No sooner than the temperament test was completed than they all got loaded up for a trip to Seattle to meet Dr. Smedes a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist. Dr. Smede’s staff dilated their eyes (just like any eye exam) and peered into their eyes with her big lighted hat! They all passed their tests and Nancy and I managed a short detour to get new shoes for agility while near Super Jock and Jill.

Whew! Quite the action packed couple of days there for the little elves.