The pups turned 3-weeks old today and celebrated by having visitors and getting lots of love and attention. Their own little Puppy Party! Cutter was just a teeny bit miffed. Not at all sure why she wasn’t the center of attention. She did a great job sharing her pups with their visitors. I told here there were much more where those came from. Their little puppy social calendar is filling up fast!

They got a chance to try a little kefir (consider it their 3-week birthday cake). They lapped it right up out of the pan. Many found it tasted oh so much better if they were standing in it. There was of course the added benefit of chewing on each other afterwards to clean up any remnant molecules that might have lingered on each other. Little Omega seemed to dig kefir the very most. His little head was in the bowl from the first to the last drop.

All the pups were drunk on kefir….but very happy to top it off with a little serving at the milk bar when all was said and done. I’m thinking these little guys will be having a very restful night!

Below a few pics from the past couple of days.