Two and a half weeks old and the puppies are eyes wide open and are taking in the sounds of their environment! Their ears opened just the other day and there will be no more sneaking up on the little guys. It is amazing how they suddenly change and become so much more active. They wobble around all over their whelping box and totally mob poor Cutter when she comes in to care for them. She is very patient and is taking such good care of her pups!

There’s still lots of sleeping and eating and sleeping and eating going on. With each day they become more and more active and are playing with each other and getting a bit of sass about them. Tomorrow night they will move downstairs to a larger area and begin to be in the middle of the household activities. The other dogs are quite interested in the sounds coming from their room. Sea-cret and Booty have gone in to check them out. I think Sea-cret is excited to have them move into the center of activities. I expect to find her in the middle of their pen soon! Sneaky girl….

Here are some photos of the pups over this past week. Next week they begin to get lots of visitors and expand their horizons with all sort of new toys and activities! Love Love this next phase of their little lives!