Whew! It’s been a busy time here over the past 10 days! The pupsters enjoyed their time in the kitchen and their expanded space, but oh how soon that space became inadequate. Friday night they moved again and doubled their living space…and you know, it is amazing that they seem to fill up what ever you give them. They are now in the garage at the foot of the kitchen stairs and adjacent to the office…a busy thoroughfare in our house.

For about a week now they have been eating solid food and have taken to their new diet very well. They eat from a round pan that has a trough around the edge with the idea that they won’t stand in the pan – right! So they eat well and come away with their heads and feet covered in gruel. Then the absolute best part is to watch them sit and clean each other up. I have some pictures in the 4 week album of two pups licking each other’s faces clean.

As most of you know, I am working on teaching them to use the “wee wee” pads as a potty area. They are getting the hang of it and in their new space I have also introduced “doggie litter” in a big metal pan. They took right to the litter and I’m afraid to report the pads have become fun tug toys! I find them in various parts of their pen all crumpled – what fun! They do still have unprinted newspaper as an option for their potty area and they seem to be doing just fine with that and the litter.

Yesterday they got their first trip outdoors and LOVED it! They ran in the grass. Explored the fence line, tall grass, rose bed borders and had up close and personal visits with their big Aunt Abbie (the malamute). Can you imagine what a giant Abbie must seem to those little guys? She loves puppies and it will be great for them to have the experience of such a gentle giant.

Enjoy the photos.