Hemi and Sammie at their recent trip to Canada

Hemi and Sammie at their recent trip to Canada

This past weekend was Hemi’s last show for the year. Unable to attend this one, I was so excited to get the news from Sammie each evening that Hemi had gone Best of Breed! I got bit by the bug a little bit 😉 as he’s been ranked in the Top Twenty from his first full month in the ring (March 2014). As each month went by, it’s been an education and fun watching the rankings and how all the Top 25 dogs vie for points and shift up and down as the months count down. Looking back at past years and how points were coming in for the dogs across the county in competition, my goal was to try and end up the year with around 120 points to safely secure a spot in the Top Twenty and am relieved to have exceeded that mark with this weekend’s wins. Now we sit back and wait to see how all the other beautiful dogs do as they each wind down there show year.

It’s been a fun year with this young boy in the ring and I thank Team Lewis for the wonderful care and presentation of him. Proud to say he’s achieved his AKC Grand Championship and then moved on to the Bronze level as well as his Canadian Kennel Club Championship. He’s really starting to get the hang of the ring and loves showing. He sure keeps things lively around here!

I am so grateful to my mentors through the years that led me down the path to make this wonderful boy. He’s been fun to watch grow up and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does in the coming years.

It’s been a fun year of tough competition. We’ll see how it ends up come Jan when the final stats come out. Good luck to all!