Summer was fabulous but the time came to close down and cover the pool. Fable is definitely at the head of the list of those who are missing fun in the water. She has got to be the happiest dog I’ve ever owned….she makes the most of every situation. Turns her pool cover puddle into her very own Slip-n-Slide 😉

Fable on the pool cover

Fable making the most of the pool cover

I think it is safe to say we are wrapping up fall as there is a cold blast of winter upon us! Everyone is enjoying the crisp mornings but oh so happy to be back inside all snug in their beds. Fable began her show career in November and got started with a bang. She snagged a 5-point major as her first set of points. She’s now 1/3 of the way to her AKC championship. She’s taking the month of December off, but will head back into the ring come January. Fingers crossed the judges appreciate her as much as we do 😉

Fable waiting on the table

Fable waiting to head into the ring. What a cute mug!


Stay warm!